“Wipes Cater For Every Professional”

Our Awards

Superbrands Malaysia Award 2021 – Malaysia’s Choice

Star Outstanding Business Awards – Gold Award 2020


For over a decade, Greenwipes® has provided businesses with  wiping solutions of unrivaled quality.  We are well-trusted for:

  • Constantly supporting your business with innovative and cost effective wiping solutions.
  •  Providing you with products of the highest quality to ensure that your business complies with international safety and hygiene standards.
  • Contributing to a greener world by offering sustainable solutions.


RPD Renowned High Tech Production Facility For Greenwipes® 

Customer TEstimonial

Largest Automotive Manufacturer in Malaysia

For more than 8 years, Greenwipes® has never failed to provide high quality wiping products in a timely manner. This enabled us to bring down our production and product rejection cost significantly.

Malaysia’s Largest Public Transport Operator

After swapping from fabric rags to Greenwipes®, our transport operators have never been happier!

Major Pharmaceutical Company

Our company has stringent compliance policies. Greenwipes® has always met our standards and deliver as promised.

Largest Global Air Conditioning Company

We chose Greenwipes® 6 years ago and have seen a 50% reduction in production cost due to lesser scheduled waste.

Bread Manufacturer For Biggest Fast Food Chain in The World

Complying to international hygiene standards is our top priority. Greenwipes® range of products provide us with peace of mind, knowing that their products meet all our required standards.

Globally Renowed Aviation & Aerospace MRO 

Greenwipes® has been supporting us for 9 years and counting without a single complaint from our employees! They have been our best supplier, so far. Thumbs up!

Internationally Renowed Hypermarket Chain

Greenwipes® offer high quality products that are food safe at affordable prices. We have saved tens of thousands $ by merely switching from other international brands.

Major Food Services Company in Malaysia

Our employees love Greenwipes®. They have always given us incredible support and next day delivery nationwide. We give them 5 stars for their incredible services.