Our Story


Changing the way businesses clean.

ROUGHLY a decade ago, it was the norm for the majority of businesses from highly specialised industries such as aviation, automotive and electronic manufacturers to industries with general cleaning needs like F&B outlets, to perform all their wiping and cleaning duties using cotton rags. 

Typically originating from questionable sources, there was no way to guarantee the hygiene and safety of such rags, which may contain and transfer harmful substances such as lead and cadmium, as well as hazardous chemicals and viruses onto the surfaces they come into contact with.

On top of that, these rags were highly inefficient when it came to serving their intended purpose: wiping and soaking up liquids.

It was then that RPD Sdn Bhd saw the need to create a superior quality material for cleaning, which could be hygienic, safe and sustainable yet affordable for all businesses.  

As such, it pioneered a proprietary process called AquaKnitify™ that enabled the innovation of an advanced wiping material using technologically advanced fibre derived from used plastic water bottles as a base. This resulted in the creation of Greenwipes, an extremely durable, hygienic, absorbent and lightweight wiping material.

Its versatility was remarkable – and has since been seamlessly incorporated into cleaning and wiping jobs across countless industries. These include aviation, automotive, electrical & electronic, food service & manufacturing and health care sectors

Priced significantly cheaper than all other wiping alternatives in the market, including cotton rags, wiping towels and similar wipes, companies that opt for Greenwipes immediately enjoyed up to 50% in cost savings on wiping materials, as well as 90% reduction in charges for scheduled waste SW410 – classified as rags, plastics, papers or filters contaminated with scheduled waste – due to its light weight.

Today,  RPD’s Greenwipes serve thousands of clients of all sizes, ranging from small and medium enterprises to Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries.

Safeguarding against surface transmissions

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in year 2020, the country went into a panic buying frenzy to purchase disinfectants, leading to a scarce supply of quality disinfectants. This was when RPD, ahead of the curve in wiping solutions, became an indispensable partner to the healthcare sector with its Greenwipes disinfecting range, GShield.

Tested by leading independent testing laboratory SGS, all products under the Greenwipes GShield range are certified effective against 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses, notably including the novel coronavirus Covid-19.

Bringing ease into the lives of consumers, every day

In 2021, Greenwipes ventured into the consumer goods industry with its innovative wipe products for the household kitchens. These products were designed to bring ease into daily cleaning and also offer a more hygienic option to conventional cleaning products. 

Moving forward, with the vision of becoming the ‘Daily Hygiene Partner’ of choice in mind, Greenwipes aim to expand their product offering to touch every aspect of a consumer’s life – from personal care, parenting, home care and even pet hygiene.