GW-1108 Greenwipes BOX – Multipurpose Industrial Wipes

All The Benefits Of A Wiping Cloth, Plus More!

GREENWIPES® Box Multipurpose Industrial Wipes are highly versatile wipes for businesses that require frequent cleaning of products, machines and work areas. Made out of highly absorbent cellulose fibres and industrial grade spunlace fabric, the wipes effectively pick up all kinds of dirt, dust, liquids, grease and more, for exceptionally clean surfaces. It is as strong and durable as cloth rags and is highly absorbent.

More importantly, these industrial wipes are a more hygienic alternative as they are lightweight and easy to wash over and over again and are disposable before they get too worn out and dirty. This is vital for businesses to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and a professional outlook.

Cost-wise, this cloth alternative offers an incomparable edge over regular fabric wipes. Businesses stand to save up to 20 – 70% on wiping materials and scheduled waste cost when they switch to GREENWIPES® Box Multipurpose Industrial Wipes.

Isn’t it time you switched as well?

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